Honest A2hosting review | Is this worth? [51% off]

  • Up to 20× faster servers
  • Guru screw support
  • Free account migration
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime commitment

Well! There is no doubt that this hosting is surely worth and fastest. Because according to my personal experience since 2019 with A2hosting, I have never faced any server down issue, nor any problems when chatting with their “Guru Crew Support” team. This means that whenever I opened any website/Blog I found this to be online and also fast loading. In this A2hosting review, I will try to cover A-Z topics so that your search is over the end here.

a2hosting review

A2hosting is one of the oldest hosting providers in this universe of Online Business. They came into being in early 2001 under the name Iniquinet, after that [IN 2003] the name was changed to the A2hosting.

There are thousands of hosting companies, but obviously, something makes this hosting different and keeps in the row of the Top 5 best hosting providers in the world along with big companies, like WPX, SiteGround & WP Engine, etc.

Yes, I am fully satisfied with their motto font Our Speed Your Success

A2hosting Overview

A2hostingfastest and cheapest web hosting company
Hosting plansShared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller, email and Dedicated Servers
FeaturesFree SSL, Fast loading servers, Free account migration
GuaranteeGrab A2hosting with 30 days money-back guarantee
Pricing$3.92/ month

A2hosting Review Screenshots by some Satisfied Users

I can’t believe that’s a huge satisfaction rate by the users of A2hosting.

I was just recently browsing to find some A2hosting reviews on different platforms.

And it’s really proud moment for me as a user, that I have found almost people are giving A2hosting review with 5 stars. 

Top Features | A2hosting review

In this amazing A2hosting review, I come up with some incredible features so that after reading this you will surely love to buy it.

Without wasting time, let’s start this amazing A2hosting review.

Fastest Hosting Provider | ×20 speed

Site speed is one of the most important factors that every website owner should have to care about.

According to many experiments and my personal experience, it is clear that website speed plays a vital role in search engine rankings.

Although many people don’t believe in this. However, you have to do your best to make your website load faster.

But don’t need to worry, A2hosting provides you the fastest web hosting with 99.99% uptime. It means that whenever and wherever you will open your website, it will be loaded in seconds or sometimes in milliseconds.

The websites that are on A2hosting are fast loading, responsive, and more reliable, the reason is that they use “Solid State Drives [SSD]”.

SSDs are faster than traditional hard drives. Let’s say, if HDDs has access times of 10 milliseconds, so SSD will have access times of 0.1 ms or even less.

That’s why they are way better than other hosting companies.

WAIT! Check Out my Blogs performance

Before we move on, I want to show you some screenshots of my blogs that are currently hosted on A2HOSTING.com.

As a happy user of A2hosting, I am completely satisfied with their services and performance, that’s why I shared this A2hosting review with you.

You can see my blogs speed and loading time, and I think these all quite good.

Guru Crew Support 

The key success of every business is simply their dealings with the clients. If you are able to solve your customer problems and queries then you are on the path of growth.

The same thing A2hosting is doing with the help of their Guru Crew Support team.

They have an In-house customer team for solving the queries of their customers. And you can’t believe whenever I need any help, I simply chat with their support team.

The support team will be available 24/7 only for you. Even if you are a developer, you can contact the support for any kind of help.

If you are a blogger or running a site alone, then probably you may need any person for small kinds of help, and I am sure to solve these problems you will have to contact the freelance developers.

But here is a big good news for you! I want to inform you that I have solved many technical problems of my blogs and websites with the help of A2hosting Support team. IN FREE OF COST.

Sounds good… Yeah! There are many companies who solve problems of their customers, so that they can grow more. Hopefully, A2hosting is one of them. 

A2hosting have hundreds of guides in their KNOWLEDGE BASE section. If you want to need help from a human than go and click on the Live chat button only.

BUT! As this is an honest A2hosting review, so I should mention here a little problem to chat with the live support team.

That is, often when I opened their live chat option, It’s shown me to wait for some minutes [around 5 minutes]

review of A2hosting  guru crew support

However, if you have any big technical problem, then you have to simply open a ticket from your dashboard and only have to define your problem A-Z once a time in clear words.

Congrats! Their Guru’s will get back to you soon.

best hosting

In the above screenshot, you can easily see the technical problems which I have solved in the past days. Definitely, if I hire a developer, then I have to pay for this.

Free site migration

When you have done with the buying process of A2hosting, now as they claim that you are in the right hands.

You don’t need to think about anything, they will care about it.

Yes, rightly heard!! A2 Hosting offers free site migration. 

A2hosting have an expert dedicated Migration Specialist team whose full-time job is to only migrate files of their customer to their servers.

Only you need to do is reach out to their customer support executive with your previous account Cpanel credentials.

In that case, if you don’t want to share your current account details then you have to pay a small amount for your site migration. Here I would recommend you, share your Cpanel details with them freely, as they never miss use that data. 

But here you should remember that according to A2hosting terms & policies if you have their shared hosting plan then you can ask them to migrate your website once a time. 

Or if you have purchased a Reseller, VPS or Dedicated server account then you can migrate up to 25 free sites with their help. 

A2hosting migration team has migrated my 2 blogs with $0 charges.

Free Hackscan malware protection

Nowadays it is very critical to save your website from online hackers. There are around 100000 plus cases of website hacking reports daily.

So sadly! If your website is being hacked by any hacker, then it will impact a lot on your website ranking and reputation.

That is the reason that you should have to use any tool or service to save your website from online hackers.

To keep your website safe from the online hackers, A2hosting provides you free Hackscan service to protect your site which is a part of their Perpetual Security initiative.

Unfortunately many big hosting companies don’t offer this. 

Because extra tool and software layers in the hosting plans make your site speed down. So I think online, speed and security don’t always go well together.

But the case is not the same in A2hosting, because they give Security with Fast speed.

Because if you will grab any A2hosting plan you will get this hackscan malware protection for free.

Their fastest SSD servers are protected by Hackscan that protects your site by monitoring it 24/7.

Simply if there will be any hacking attack or any malware file that can cause any problem in the future, it will let you know. So you can delete that file or folder.

Free SSL certificate

SSL is a certificate that will add some security and trust layers to your website. Especially for those who collect information, data and online payments through their websites.

Also, the SSL certificate is essential from the point of view of Technical SEO.

If I tell you about my past [Early in 2018], I was using GoDaddy hosting. Although my experience with Godaddy was also good. However, I want to inform you that they do not provide any free SSL with their expensive hosting plans until now.

But thankfully, A2hosting provides Let’s Encrypt certificate with their all plans.

This free SSL certificate will be applied to your account automatically.

A2hosting provides many types of SSL.

  • Free SSL
  • Single SSL
  • Premium SSL
  • Wild Card SSL
  • Advance SSL

Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is a distributed network of servers, that provides many advantages and especially reduces the loading time of a website by caching website content.

Cloudflare CDN also helps to reduce the bandwidth and CPU usage on the server.

It also improves website security and provides protection against DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare optimizes content delivery by duplicating the statics files and folders from your websites like CSS, JS, and other media files.

Well, many big hosting companies do not provide free Cloudflare, but gratefully A2hosting provides the best CDN with all their hosting plans.

×20 speed with A2 Optimized WP plugin

Do you know! 455,000,000 websites are built and running on WordPress. 

And probably there is a great chance that your website is also running on WP.

If your website is on WordPress then you can use their A2 Optimize WP Plugin, that is created for only A2 Hosting users.

As you know website speed matters a lot, so this plugin will help you by increasing your website loading speed.

Also, A2hosting have their own WordPress site builder named as “SiteBuilder”. It allows you to customize your website layout easily without any help from the developer.

10x your website data and backups

A2hosting saves your website data in multiple disks. In case if your website will delete accidentally, it will be available in other disks. 

So that you can restore it anytime.

Unlike other hosting providers A2hosting also allows you to take backups every day.

This facility to the site owners makes them different from the other big hosting companies.

Cpanel access & one-click Softaculous app install

Before buying any hosting, if you will not notice whether they are giving Cpanel access or not, so you can face many problems in the future.

The same thing I did at the starting of my online journey.

I bought hosting from Godaddy without Cpanel access. So after that, I have faced many issues in migrating and editing of files and plugins.

But hopefully, you will get a free Cpanel on any hosting plan that you will purchase.

So that you can easily access and edit your website folders and database. 

Install any website software

With A2 Hosting Cpanel Softaculous feature and even manually you can install and manage WordPress, Joomla, Openchat, Magento and etc.

Anything that you want to do with your website you can do it easily within a click. Whether you need to run a blog, eCommerce website, forums or anything, just go to Softaculous and install it within one click.

However, in some cases, you have to do it manually. Although you can also do this easily if you have a little knowledge about FTP or the Cpanel.

Monthly billing cycle

Oh really! Can you pay on a monthly basis?…[NOT RECOMMENDED]

Yes, if you are a student or have any problem with paying, so you can even pay on a monthly basis.

Although it’s a great feature for those who can’t pay for a whole year or for 36 months. 

But if you have the amount to go for 12, 24 or 36 months, then you must. Because if you will buy hosting for the long term then you can save a lot of money!

In the above picture, these are the actual price, but all hosting plans are now 51% off. So if you will grab any plan you will get a huge discount.

CONS of A2hosting

Do you know! For every reaction, there is an opposite reaction 😉.

Well! I am just kidding…

But yeah there are not more but only some disadvantages…

And in this honest A2hosting review, I am going to reveal this too. So let’s get deep into it.

Make Sure
If we compare PROS & CONS together, then obviously the advantages are outweighed and can’t be compared with the disadvantages. So it’s just to inform you.

Restrictions on cheap plans

If we look up at the starting plan of A2hosting, that is LITE SHARED HOSTING (51% off $3.92). So here are some restrictions as compared to the other market competitors.

Like you can only host one website and can only get 25 email access, and also you can’t take backups of your website folders 😔.

While if you will go with SWIFT SHARED HOSTING plan, you will get a lot of additional features like Unlimited Websites to host, Unlimited Emails and even backups included in your plan. 

And I think SWIFT plan is really amazing as compared with the LITE plan. If you can afford +$0.98/month only additionally than I recommend you must go with the SWIFT plan instead of the LITE hosting plan.  

However, even in SWIFT plan, there is a lack of an amazing feature that is Turbo Servers.

This, TURBO Servers feature you will only get with the TURBO SHARED plan (51% off $9.31). 

Well, I think the TURBO plan is quite expensive, however, if you are running a big website with big files then you can go with TURBO.

However, I recommend you grab the SWIFT plan if you have more then one website or planning to create more. 

Also, LITE plan is also a good deal but some lack of features there. But don’t worry I want to mention that I grabbed the LITE plan at the starting of my journey with A2hosting. And I used this plan for the whole year without any issue 😍.


High renewal rates

Ah 🤕! This is a common issue with every product and every service.

Same here with A2hosting

Well… the same thing happened with me many times. Again I want to clear this with the example of Godaddy domains 😉…

They were offering cheap domains for just $0.99, so I grabbed some. But after one year now it was the time for the renewal and I have not earned anything from those domains.

Anyway, they asked me to give a huge amount for the renewal, and then I just leave them and transfered my domains to the Namecheap.

So it is a common issue…

Similarly, A2hosting may ask you to pay double rates than the first payment even. Because now they are sure that you are happy with their services and product and you will never want to waste your time in migrating your hosting to the other servers.

Now, what should you do?

Well, that’s why I recommended you to buy for at least 24 OR 36 months.

However, there is no need to worry if you have an amount for 1 year of hosting only.

BECAUSE… Grab now, stuck with it day and night, do new things, never forgive…

Congrats! You will earn a lot, so that next time you can pay and invest more… 

Another great news for you is that If you will grab A2hosting now, I will help you by setup your full website and personally teach you that how you can grow it. So keep reading 😉…

Uptime issue

Well… they claim to provide you 99.99% uptime.

But I think this uptime is not the same for all time. Sometimes it is 99.70 Or even sometimes 100% visibility. 

By the way, even this is great uptime visibility. 

Types of Hosting with Pricing

A2 Hosting provides a huge variety of hosting with different features and services according to your business needs.

In this A2hosting review, I have also mentioned all types of hosting that you should use for your business.

So keep reading 😀 because I am sure you are going to grab this now…

Hosting type…

Basically, they provide 7 different types of hosting.

  • Shared web hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Email hosting


A2hosting is one of those hosting providers that give you different features according to your range. You will also have the option to pay for:

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Two Years
  • Three Years

Here you must have to know that, the more you pay, the more you can save.

Hosting TypeStarts from
Shared$3.92-9.31/monthBuy Now
WordPress$3.92-$9.31/monthBuy Now
VPS$5-$25/monthBuy Now
Cloud$5-$15/monthBuy Now
Dedicated$99.59-141.09/monthBuy Now
Reseller$9.80-30.38/monthBuy Now
Email$3.92-$9.31/monthBuy Now

WAIT 🥴️ ! But still, we have not discussed which will be best for your business?

What Hosting plan Will best fit for you?

Shared Web Hosting:

This is what I use personally. Shared web hosting is a great deal for newbie bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, who are running their blog and services online.

In shared hosting, there are three types of plans for different purposes.

But, in shared web hosting there are also many additional plans and features and that also depends on your needs.

  • Lite
  • Swift
  • Turbo

Like me, if you are also running more than one website or blog, then go with the Swift Shared Hosting plan, otherwise, the Lite hosting plan will be the best choice for you.

However! I always recommend you to go with Swift plan if you can afford +$0.98…

LITENewbie Bloggers and small agencies$3.92
SWIFT [Most Popular]Bloggers and Businesses$4.90
TURBOHeavy websites/blogs $9.31

WordPress Hosting:

As we have discussed above in this A2Hosting review that more than 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress.

And these are really HUGE numbers 😧.

That is the reason that every hosting company cares about WordPress hosting.

Similarly, A2hosting also provides a great WordPress offer to it’s customers, that we are going to dig in now…

Well, when you browse WordPRess Hosting page, further you will see two different types of WordPress Hosting [As seen in the given screenshot]

Shared WordPress Hosting:

Best for WordPress lovers, although features and pricing are approximately the same as shared web hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting: 

But, yeah if you think that you should have some WordPress additional features, so Managed WordPress hosting is a great fit for you. 

Managed WordPress hosting is the server that specially built for WordPress. This means better performance and features. However, this plan is quite costly for a beginner. 

By the way, WP managed hosting will be the best fit for you in the case that, you get millions of visitors every month and generating 7 figures from it. 

There are three types of plans in Managed WP hosting.

  • 1 Site
  • 3 Site
  • Unlimited Site

The good key features that I have found in WP managed is, your WP site will be on Turbo servers, you do not have to take backups, free personal Jetpack license and BLa Bla blA…

The downside is that, you will get limited storage, and limited websites to host.

What exactly should you buy?

I think now you are a little bit confused about what to buy!

Before going ahead… I want to inform you that if you are a blogger, small business owner, freelancer Or any type of service/business owner. You can choose any plan from the above discussed hosting types.

This will surely help:

  • Shared Web Hosting LITE plan best for freelancers, online portfolio websites, small blogs like micro-niche, small agency, and even small business websites. Shared web hosting LITE plan starts from only $3.92/m.
  • Shared Web Hosting SWIFT plan best for your growing blogs and business. If you are looking to host unlimited websites and free backups then this hosting plan will be a perfect choice. Starting from $4.90/m.
  • Buying Shared Web Hosting TURBO will be a perfect idea if you can invest more for the fastest Turbo servers that will speed up your performance ×20 more. Features are the same as in the Swift plan with the addition of Turbo servers only. Well, it is up to you. Starting from $9.31/m.
  • WordPress Shared Hosting plans features and prices are the same as Shared Web hosting. If you are only the user of WP than you can go with this. Buying a SWIFT plan is a perfect idea. MORE ABOUT FEATURES & PRICING.
  • Managed WP Hosting is best if you are the owner of 6+ figures generating WP website, with thousands and millions of monthly visitors. MORE ABOUT FEATURES & PRICING
You don’t need to buy Dedicated Servers, VPS or Cloud hosting for your website. Yes if you are already running a big traffic platform, that is getting around millions of visitors every month, then I recommend you go with other hosting plans. Otherwise, the A2 Hosting Shared plan is the best choice for you.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller means you rent hard drive and bandwidth from them. And after that, it is up to your choice whether you want to distribute this to different small website owners or you can use this for your personnel websites and blogs.

Reseller hosting is best for those who want to start their small online hosting business.


  • Turbo Server option
  • WHM control panel
  • Free eNom Reseller account
  • Anytime money bck gurantee


  • Limited Storage
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Limited Cpanel Accounts (40-100)

Dedicated Hosting:

Ok, Let me know, what would happen if twitter was hosted on shared hosting!!!

Lol…. It will crash.!

Yes, for the twitter, Facebook, and YouTube-like platforms, they need to be hosted on Dedicated servers. There are many blogs and platforms also which are hosted on a single server. 

So if you are running a huge big website so you have to buy dedicated servers.

It is one of the most powerful and expensive hostings on the internet. You will get full access to a server and can configure it according to your needs. Even you can resell hosting to other people. Prices start from $99.59.

Further, there are many types of Dedicated hosting.

Unmanaged Dedicated ServerStarts from $99.59 
Discount Dedicated server hostingStarts from $129.30 
Managed dedicated serverStarts from $141.09
Dedicated Root ServerStarts from $141.09 

VPS Hosting:

This hosting type is the same as Shared hosting, but with more advanced features. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and this is the best choice for small business owners.

A2hosting provides 3 types of VPS hosting.

  • Core VPS [Managed VPS with root access] Price starts from $25-$50.
  • Managed VPS [Managed VPS without root access] Price starts from $25-$50.
  • Unmanaged VPS [Unmanaged VPS for developers] Price starts from $5-$15.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud hosting means, your website will host on multiple servers rather than only a single server. It means that if one server fails another server starts working and keeps everything running.

Well, big traffic projects such as Search engines and Social networks use this type of hosting.

Prices start from $5 per month to $15/m only.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is the type of hosting where your important messages and email files store. A2hosting also provides a premium mail hosting service.

Grab your 30 days of free trial now!

In this honest A2hosting review, we have covered a lot of things till now…

So what are you looking for?

There is good news for you. A2 Hosting provides 30 days of money-back guarantee for new customers.

If you are not satisfied with their speed and performance, you can ask them for the money back within the first 30 days. And if you will buy for 2 or 3 years of hosting plan, but after using for the first year, if you don’t like then also you will ask them for the refund of the remaining 2 years of hosting.

But! Make sure that you will not get the refund of additional service that you have paid for like site migration, domain transfer, & etc.

I am ready, But how to buy?

Now I know what you are thinking about…

Many people don’t know exactly how to buy and what steps to follow. By the way, it’s very simple and easy.

Before we start…

Click on the below button and grab it with me. So when this A2hosting review ends, you will have your own hosting 😊.

I am going to explain you with the example of Shared Web Hosting SWIFT plan (Recommended) because most of the A2hosting customers buy this.

Step 1:

When you click on the above 👆 button, you will be on there. Now by following these simple steps, you can buy any hosting plan easily. By the way, we are going with Shared Web Hosting, so, we have to click on the Shared Hosting option.

After clicking on this you will be on the Shared Web Hosting page.

Now click on the GET SWIFT button to start purchasing the hosting.

Step 2:

After that, you will be redirected to the domain selection page. Here you have 4 options as you can see in the screenshot.

As I already have my domain so I will click on the 3rd option. In case if you don’t have any domain you can register a new one or transfer your existing domain here. You can also use the A2hosting subdomain.

Now click on the continue button.

Step 3:

After that, you can see the following architecture. In this example, I have selected hosting for 2 years (i.e 24 months). And I also recommend to you all that, IF you have some more $ to go for 2 or 3 years than this will be the best.

When you scroll down, you can see more options there.

You can purchase more additional features such as Cloudflare, Dedicated IP, Essential SSL, More backups package and much more. 

However, there are also lots of additional options to go with. Like if you are a WordPress user you can choose to install WP in your hosting with one click. And can select server locations according to your own choice.

For now, I am only selecting the WordPress auto-install feature. Then click on the Continue button.

Step 4:

Make sure that you have selected and checked on the correct options. Review your order twice a time and then finally click on the checkout option.

Step 5:

Fill up all your details and payment option.

At last click on the complete order option.

Congrats! Now you have the hosting of one of the fastest hosting companies. Now start building or migrating your website 🤗.

FAQs related to A2hosting review

What exactly is A2hosting?

A2hosting is one of the fast web hosting company. They provide many hosting plans with fast speed and many features too.

Do you recommend it?

Yes, of course. It is one of the cheapest and fastest hosting providers, with lots of customization options.

What Hosting plan should I go for?

Well, as I have mentioned above that if you are a blog owner and even generating thousands of visitors, so you can go with Shared web hosting SWIFT plan. If you are totally a beginner then you can grab LITE plan OR even SWIFT. If you are already a PRO with a lot of big websites than you should go for TURBO (fastest server).
And if you have a big huge website that is generating millions of visitors/m, so you can go with VPS, or grab Dedicated servers.

Is there a free trial option OR money-back guarantee?

Yes, you will certainly have the option to get your money back, if you will not like their speed and service in the first 30 days. Well! There is no option for a free trial.

How many days later will I get my money back if I ask for a refund?

It may take up to 120 days.

What are the best A2hosting alternatives?

I think Siteground, WPX, WP Engine, Hostgator are some of the competitors of A2hosting. But I don’t think that there is any cheap and fast hosting provider like them.


I hope now you got enough information from this A2hosting review guide. I must recommend you to grab this as soon as possible before the price reaches the peak and the 51% off deal ends soon.

Still, have any questions? Must comment down.

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