Hostpapa Review 2020: The fast & secure hosting

This is a huge big confusion among the newbies, that where to go!

Definitely, nobody wants to spend their money on fruitless hosting services…

That is why here’s come the HOSTPAPA, one of the best, fast and affordable hostings on the planet.

It is a Canadian based company that hosts over 500,000+ websites, founded by Jamie Opalchuck in 2006.

As a fast-growing hosting company, its aims to provide top-notch services with fast & friendly support.

If you are looking to have the different beautiful flowers in one basket, then no doubt HostPapa is for you.


At the cheapest rate, you can enjoy all the important hosting features to run a site smoothly and fastly.


Is HostPapa is a perfect choice for you? Well, you have to judge this on your own, & I am sure after reading this amazing HostPapa review you will love to give it a try!





In this amazing HostPapa review, I have covered all the important features, drawbacks, and other important factors that must have to know before making any serious decision.

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Short Overview


Reliable, affordable, fast and secure hosting

Hosting plans

Shared, Managed, WordPress, VPS, and Reseller hosting


Free transfer, CDN, SSL, Website builder, CloudLinus server




30-Days money-back guarantee


24/7 customer support


Start from $3.95/ m

What You Are Going To Learn In This HostPapa Review?

This HostPapa review will really go to be awesome, must read the article till the end.

  • Hosting features & advantages
  • Cons of using
  • Additional features offered
  • Hosting types & details & pricing
  • Which hosting plan should you purchase?
  • Top competitors of HostPap
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Hosting Features | HostPapa Review

Same like other premium hosting companies, HostPapa offers all the essential features that let them ranked in the top 10 best hosting companies over the many past years.

  • Faster & Secure servers
  • Great support
  • Free website migration
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL
  • Website builder

I have tried to add all the hosting features & advantages that you will get from the HostPapa.

Great Uptime & Performance

Before going with any web hosting, it is a must to know about the server speed and performance, so that you will never face server downtime or problem with the loading speed of the site.

But, don’t worry because HostPapa provides the fastest hosting with super cool uptime (99.9%) and high performance.

The cutting edge server technology contains the fastest Solid State Drives (SSDs) with a minimum of 128GB of RAM ensures customers always get superb performance.

Friendly Support

HostPapa customer support is pretty cool, they offer support in the form of live chat, email, Social support, and phone.

They also provide phone support in more than 18 countries and in 4 different languages including English, French, Spanish, and German.

They also provide 30 minutes of free one-on-one training to answer all your queries with the help of ‘Papa Squad Experts’ (which we will discuss after in this post).

They also have a good selection of video tutorials and a good knowledgebase with auto-translate features into many languages.

Weekly webinars also held every week hosted from their Canada based offices to answer all the questions, which I think show the level in their customer support infrastructure.

Although, some people don’t like their support too much, according to my experience they reply to all queries and questions under one minute.

Security Features & FREE LetsEncrypt SSL

Your one of the top concerns when choosing any web hosting company should have to check “What kinds of security layers they provide?“.


More than 100000+ websites hacked every day! So, it is very essential to find secure hosting & hopefully, it is one of them.

It offers LetsEncrypt SSL for free, assure your website visitors that any data they enter on your website is secure, encrypted, and protected. However, if you need premium SSL and security you can buy it additionally.

HostPapa has partnered with Globalsign, to provide SSL certificates to its customers.

The basics security features are included with all the hosting plans like Anti-spam, SSL, server firewall, intruder alert detection, server monitoring &, etc.

However, the other advanced security features like;

  • Premium Wildcard SSL
  • Automated Website Backups
  • Protection Power Pro
  • Domain Privacy

included in only Business Pro plan (COST: $12.95/m), or you can purchase additionally.

Money-Back Guarantee

In case, after the purchase, if you are not satisfied with the services, you will have the chance to get your money back within the first 30 days.

Yeah! HostPapa offers 30 days money-back guarantee to its customers. But you will not get the money back of the domain registration and other extra services that you have paid additionally.

Free Website Migrations

HostPapa review - free web migration

HostPapa migrates one website as a courtesy. However, if you would like to migrate more than one site then maybe they can consider, after reviewing your request.

Free Domain Name

You can save the domain registration fee if you will purchase any hosting plan from HostPapa. This is really a big saving deal, especially for the newbies.

Cpanel & 1-click Installer

HostPapa uses Cpanel so that the customers can easily manage their web and server settings. Cpanel is easier to use and even a beginner can use and understand the interface with a little guide.

hostpapa review cpanel

With the help of a 1-click installer in the Cpanel settings, you can install many CMS and Softwares like WordPress, Joomla, Magento &, etc on your server within one click.

CDN & Datacenter locations

They have 3 data centers around the world (US, Canada, Europe), but honestly, the servers are capable to serve the large traffic & data easily.

Additionally, HostPapa uses Cloudflare CDN that distributes your data over 135 countries.

Free One-On-One Training

Not sure where to start!

free training by hostpapa

Here comes the cool feature, that I love most! Yeah, you have the chance to take 30 minutes free dedicated session with one of the experts of ‘Papa Squad Experts‘ through the video or telephone.

You will get the one free chance with the purchase of a hosting plan however, you can book the additional sessions too. The additional 30-minute session cost $39.95.

Unlimited Hosting Features

Yeah! I know only a few hosting providers, that provide unlimited features at cheap rates. Thankfully, HostPapa is one of them…

If I talk about only Shared Web Hosting Plans, thee are three (Starter, Business & Business Pro).

In the Starter Shared Plan you can host 2 websites with 25 sub-domains & database, 100 GB SSD storage & 100 email accounts, still this is a great deal that you can get in a very few bucks, but you can get all these features as unlimited if you will go with Business Plan (In Just $3.95/m) or Business Pro.

Believe me! I don’t think that there are many companies offering this great Unlimited deal! – We will discuss this more in HostPapa plans comparison.

Side Note
One of the reasons that I love HostPapa most is that they offer unlimited domains with amazing hosting features in just $3.95 (shared business plan), which I think no any other hosting provider will give you.

Recommend: Domain vs Hosting guide

HostPapa Page Builder

HostPapa page builder is the tool to design your website professionally without any knowledge of coding and HTML.

You can build mobile & SEO friendly attractive sites and stores by customizing anyone from hundreds of pre-built templates.

BUT! Make sure that you can only access the builder if you have registered the domain already from HostPapa, else you have to transfer your domain or you can begin with purchasing a new hosting plan. Also, you can buy the page builder separately.

I highly recommend buying any hosting plan so that you can get the builder with it.

Hosting Cons | HostPapa Review

It is truly said that ‘All that glitters is not gold!’ 😒

Although there are no more, but only a few demerits, however, if you are looking to buy you should know about them too. That’s why I have added all the major cons in this HostPapa review.

Slow Customer Support (Sometimes)

I don’t think so…

But! I should have to discuss this point in this HostPapa review because I have seen many negative reviews about their customer support team.

slow support of HostPapa sometimes

However, I admit that they may be slow sometimes, and even I know that they ask for additional charges for solving some problems! yeah, I admit…

But still, believe me, the customer support is awesome and they offer a lot of different options of communications with the support team, that’s pretty cool.

No Free Backups

It is very essential from the point of view of web security that, you must have to keep the backups of your web files on your local servers so that you will never lose any important data.

Sadly 🤕, HostPapa doesn’t offer any free backup & that’s a big drawback.


However, they offer automated backups additionally with the cost of $19.95/ year. On the other hand, if you will go with the Business Pro hosting plan ($12.95/m) you will get free automated backups with some other security enhancements for free. But still, it’s not a good deal, unfortunately!

Not Enough Datacenters

As we have discussed before that HostPapa only has 3 Datacenters (in Canada, US & Europe), they don’t have much more server location also no Datacenter in ASIA!

However, they use Cloudflare CDN to distribute web data over 135 countries.

Pay More To Save More

HostPapa offers a deep discount on long term commitment. In other words, I can also say that you will only get the hosting in actual cost if you go for at least 36 months (look at the screenshot).

But again, it’s not a problem. Because almost all hosting providers do the same. Even I used to pay $10 every month to Godaddy when I can’t arrange the money for the whole year.

I highly recommend you go for 36 or at least 24 months or can pay annually too.

Missing Bonuses & Upsells

Although, HostPapa provides a complete hosting pack with awesome features within a friendly budget.

But they have also excluded some essential features. Unlike most hosting companies, they must have some sort of backups, like DreamHost they even offer free automated backups even with their cheap shared plans (in $2.59 only), but HostPapa doesn’t include any in their basic plans, so you will have to additionally pay for it!

Upsells and missing bonuses hostpapa

Also for more security enhancements and a single SSL certificate you have to pay extra. These are the things to add on.

Additional Features & Services Offer By HostPapa

Apart from fast & secure Hosting, HostPapa provides different helpful & affordable services to its customers.

So, I think without discussing them, this HostPapa review is uncomplete.

Domain Registration & Transfer

  • .com
  • .online
  • .club
  • .blog
  • .xyz
  • .tech
  • .me
  • .pro
  • .site
  • .info
domain registration with HostPapa

HostPapa is not only a hosting provider but also a domain registrar. As a registrar, they provide different TLDs of domains at cheap rates.

Website Builder

There are a lot of website builders, that help you to design pages easily and let you make beautiful websites by just na drag and drop…

Many hosting companies like DreamHost, Siteground, A2Hosting have their own website builders included with their hosting plans.

Shared Hosting Plans

Website Builder Edition


Starter (2 pages)


Starter (2 pages)


Business (1000 pages)

Similarly, if you purchased any hosting from HostPapa, you will get the website builder with it.

HostPapa web builder comes up with 100+ SEO and mobile-friendly pre-build templates. Only you need to customize it a little bit by just simply drag and drop!

This tool has advanced editing capabilities so that even a person with zero coding knowledge can easily build a website.

Also, you will get the full support plus video tutorials on how to use the web builder…

On the other hand, if you want to purchase the builder separately you can pay for it. All plans of web builders come with free domain registration.

Do-It-For-Me (Web Designing Services)

We will design the layout, select the images & do all copywriting work, so you can concentrate on your business growth! – ‘HostPapa

This is a great & trusted deal for those who don’t want to waste their time on the site customization & layout designing so that they can fully concentrate on business growth.

HostPapa creates your website on WordPress with the help of the Elementor page builder (#1 WP Page Builder). Also, your website will be 100% mobile and Search Engine friendly.

You have to pay monthly so that they will take care of your all website changes and customization anytime you need it!

The price of basic website design starts from $99 / month (No setup fee) and $199 / month (+ $499.00 setup) for the designing of the eCommerce store.

Additional Security Enhancements

HostPapa offers different security features, but with only high pricing of plans. However, you can buy separately.

There are many different Security options to purchase from HostPapa, all of them are mentioned below…

  • Protection Power Pack of security tools to protect your web files from hackers and malware attacks. You can choose any one plan from the given 4 (i.e: Basic, Starter, Pro & Premium), starting from $2.99/m to $24.99/ m.
  • SiteLock protection Similar to Protection Power, you can purchase for the purpose of spam and blacklist monitoring, firewalls, & protection against hackers and DDoS attacks, etc.
  • Website BackupsTo secure your files, DB and emails, you can buy this security add-on. The normal price is $35.88/ year, but if you will check the backup add-on during purchasing any web hosting plan you will see the big discount in the pricing (Only $19.95/ year)
  • SSL Certificates HostPapa provide free LetsEncrypt SSL, although if you need any premium SSL you can buy too. The price of Single SSL is $19.99/year and $69.99/year for Wildcard SSL.

Email & Productivity Tools

If you want to send and receive emails as a professional! HostPapa provides affordable Email services. The basic Email plan costs $1.00/m with 1 GB of email storage per mailbox. The advance plan comes up with 5GB storage per mailbox in just $2.00/m.

If you need a third party email option, you can also purchase Gsuite or MicroSoft365, because HostPapa partnered with Microsoft & Google, so you can try this too.

Hosting Types And Details | HostPapa Review

Like other top hosting companies, HostPapa has various hosting plans for different purposes.

In this informative HostPapa review, I have tried to cover the key points of each web hosting plan shortly.

DISCLAIMER: The price given underneath are according to the general price offer by HostPapa. Although, if there will be any active deal, you may get a more discount! However, I always try to keep the articles up to date.

  • Shared Hosting The most popular and affordable hosting plan on the planet! Yeah, doesn’t matter you are a beginner or not, or what type of business do you have, you can go with any Shared hosting plan.. HostPapa provides 3 plans (Starter, Business & Business Pro), starting from $3.95 to $12.95 per month. The shared starter plan is for beginners.
    You can host up to two domains and will get 100 GB SSD storage, free CDN, SSL transfer, domain registration with the cost $3.95/ month.
    In Business plan, you will get all basic features, plus unlimited Emails and add-on domains and more for just $3.95 per month.
    The Business Pro is the most costly shared plan of HostPapa ($12.95/ month) with a lot of advanced features, performance, & security enhancements.
  • Managed Shared Hosting Generally, shared hosting can’t manage too much traffic, so if you are getting hundreds & thousands of DAILY visitors to your blog or website & want more features you can freely go with managed shared hosting. Here HostPapa only offer a single plan that cost only $39.95 / month.
  • WordPress Hosting I have mentioned this hundred of times, that WordPress is the #1 CMS and mostly used to design beautiful blogs and web. And around 40% of websites are using WP! That’s pretty cool…
    If you are also using WordPress, you can purchase WP Hosting by HostPapa, so that you can host your websites on WP optimized servers.
    Also, you will get many WordPress plugins and features like Jetpack WP plugin for free. You can choose anyone from 3 WP hosting plans (WP Starter, Business & Business Pro).
    Starter plan if you don’t have more than 2 websites, also you will get a free domain with 100 GB of storage and 100 email accounts in only $3.95.
    If you purchase WP Business you will get the chance to host unlimited domains in just $5.95. But,
    If you need more fastest servers with 300%performance boost, Jetpack Premium for free (Worth $99/y), Wildcard SSL, Free domain privacy and much more unlimited features than WP Business Pro plan is for you, obviously, it is a little bit costly, however good deal!
  • Reseller Hosting If you want to start your own small web hosting company, you can purchase any reseller hosting plan from the given 5 and start earning few bucks instantly. Frankly speaking, all the reseller hosting plans come up with amazing features. You will get fast servers with Multiple geo-centric locations & CDN.
    Basic reseller hosting (Bronze) starts from $29.99, in which you get 20 Cpanel accounts, while the advanced reseller plan costs only $119.99 with up to 150 Cpanel accounts.
  • VPS Hosting Virtual Private Server hosting is the best option for the websites that generates more than few visitors. On the premium servers, you can host unlimited domains and will get a lot of advanced features!

Billing Cycle:

Unfortunately, Hostpapa does not offer a monthly billing cycle. Well, there are options for 12, 24 & 36 months to pay. As we have discussed that, to save more you have to pay more. So I always recommend you to go for the long run so that you can get at the cheapest rates!

Which Hosting Plan Is Best To GO!

Well, It is totally up to you and your business, almost people love to purchase shared hosting plans because it is best and affordable too.

However, if your website generates thousands of visitors every day than definitely a shared plan can’t handle such a big number, so you will now have the choice to go with VPS (Best for handling big traffic) or Dedicated servers. But! unfortunately, HostPapa does not offer dedicated server hosting. moreover, with dedicated server hosting you can also start a reseller business.

Shortly, the Shared hosting plan is a great deal, and in shared plans, I like to go with Shared Business Hosting because in this plan I will get unlimited features and websites to host, also I think Business shared is the Cheapest plan by the HostPapa and best for the owners like me who love to run many small and medium sites at the same time 😉.

HostPapa Comparison With Top Competitors

In addition to this HostPapa review, I have tried to do a comparison of Hostpapa with the other big names in the market.

HostPapa vs GoDaddy

I have also used GoDaddy for many years, my experience with GoDaddy is also good.

Although, now if I have to choose anyone between these two, I’d proudly go with HostPapa for overall value.

Because HostPapa offers the best value at cheap rates. Also, there is a good satisfaction rate between the customers of HostPapa, unlike GoDaddy.

Yeah, GoDaddy is the perfect domain registrar but not a much-recommended brand to buy hosting.

HostPapa Vs Siteground

Siteground is one of my favorite hosting companies. But, now more people are looking for Siteground alternatives after they increased their pricing.

I can say that Siteground is for those people who can spend more $ on the premium servers. On the other hand, the downside of Siteground is that they offer limited features & hosting for limited monthly visitors. This means that it will be more costly.

HostPapa allows you to host unlimited websites with unlimited monthly visits for just $3.95, while in $6.99 Siteground only allows you to host 1 website with limited facilities.

Definitely, I love to choose HostPapa over Siteground, if I need cheap hosting with high performance…

HostPapa Vs Bluehost

BlueHost now considered the worst hosting provider by many professionals!

I have read many negative reviews about Bluehost, saying about their poor customer support and slow hosting services.

After hearing such types of things, nobody wants to give it a try. However, still many people recommend and love to use Bluehost because of their cheap rates.

Hostpapa is one of the best Bluehost alternatives, if I need to choose any one of them, I surely love to go with HostPapa.


At the last of this HostPapa review, I want to say that it is the great hosting provider for small & even for big businesses, they also offer many epic services apart from hosting.

So obviously you can give it a try. But keep remembering, that if you want to purchase the HostPapa plan with more discount then you have to go for the long commitment, in such a way you can save big and get the cheapest hosting!

If you don’t have much more to pay and don’t mind paying annually then I recommend checking out DreamHost or hosting services like A2hosting are the best alternatives.

If you think that, you have the need to host only one domain then, I don’t recommend to grab the HostPapa Shared Starter plan, because it’s to host 2 websites & the pricings are also a little bit high, so for only one site owners there are the cheap options like DreamHost ($2.59) or FastComet ($2.95), the good thing is that you will also get a Free Domain.

For the owners who run many sites at the same time, I highly recommend HostPapa, because shared hosting Business plan by HostPapa is the cheapest plan on the planet! Similarly, A2hosting, GreenGeeks & FastComet also offer unlimited sites to host, but they are not cheaper as HostPapa offers in just $3.95/m.

Now, It’s Up To YOU! Without wasting the time start your new journey now with HostPapa…

Also, don’t forget to comment below & give your suggestion about this HostPapa Review. Shared it with your friends & followers!…

Top FAQs On HostPapa Review

Is HostPapa good?

Yes, HostPapa is the good hosting provider if you are looking for fast & secure services with solid pricing.

What is Hostpapa?

HostPapa is an independent company known as one of the best hosting providers. HostPapa offers domain registration, website builder, Website designing, and lot more! – have discussed deeply in this epic HostPapa review.

Where is HostPapa located?

Toronto, Canada…
The main data center of HostPapa is located in Toronto, Canada.

Is HostPapa a registrar?

Yes, HostPapa is also a domain registrar.

Who owns HostPapa?

HostPapa is a small independently owned Canadian based web hosting company that was founded by Jamie Opalchuck in 2006.

How to install WordPress on HostPapa?

You can install WordPress as well as any CMS and software in one click with the help of Softaculous installer from the Cpanel

How to transfer the domain to HostPapa?

domain transfer to HostPapa

It is very simple, Go to the HostPapa.com than click on DOMAINS option, from there type your domain in the required field and checked on ‘transfer my domain’. Fill out the details and now sit & watch. Your domain will be transfer to HostPapa…

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