Domain VS Hosting: A comprehensive beginner guide

What I observed is that many newbies don’t even know the major difference between domain and hosting. As a result, they spend most of their time searching for it.

The website is the collection of different elements working together. Many of you may be even don’t know that hosting and domain are two different things, by which you can create your website easily.

Even if you have created your website on your local server, so how other people can see it? That is why we have Domain and Hosting to put the website online.

domain vs hosting

But don’t worry, in this beginner Domain Vs Hosting guide, we are going to cover-up all the things in detail from the explanation, differences, and types of domain and hosting and finally how you can get started with your own domain and hosting. So you need to research no longer for it.

What is mean by domain name?

Let’s talk with the example of your home, you should have a unique address so that when somebody wants to visit so you can give that address to him.

difference between domain and hosting

Similarly, all the computer and devices that are connected to the internet have their own unique IP address. This IP address is basically a combination of numbers with dots, that can be easily understood by the computers.

IP Address example:

Well, it’s very hard for a human to remember these numeric numbers to browse a website on the internet. So instead of writing these numbers, here we have a domain name.

This means that, if someone wants to visit your website, you will give that person your website address (domain), so that he can visit and read your web data.

A domain name consists of characters and letters so that now you can browse any website without typing an IP address.

Same as you are reading this guide now on “hostingjosh.com“. So next time when you need to browse this site again, you have to only type “hostingjosh.com”.

3 parts of your domain

Let’s instant here we take the domain of google www.google.com.

This domain address mainly consists of 3 parts.

  • www – This is sub-domain
  • google – A brand name
  • .com – It’s called Top Level Domain (TLD)

Domain Vs Subdomain

Let’s continue with the example of GOOGLE. As you all know that google provides many features and services. Such as GMAIL, DRIVE, DOCS, ADS and etc.

What will happen if GOOGLE starts using different domains for each service they provide? Definitely their users will face a lot of problems to browse each service.

However, here I want to mention that if you have different services, features, and other pages you can create a separate folder in your web files so that your user can easily access them by typing DOMAIN/FOLDER-PATH.

But in case, like Google, if you want to run a big service platform so you can create Subdomains so that it will more easy to remember for your visitors.

To browse different google services, I simply type:

  • ads.google.com (Google ads service) – For managing ads
  • drive.google.com (Google drive) – To upload and restore my files and folders
  • mail.google.com (Gmail) – For sending and reading emails daily.
  • docs.google.com (Google Docs)- For writing and reading my documents on google.

Your domain is the unique address of your website, while you can create unlimited subdomains of your domain, once you have your own domain.

If I want to redirect my user to my service page, so I will add the service. before my domain “hostingjosh.com”, so that my new subdomain will look like “service.hostingjosh.com“.

Branding in your domain

The second part of your domain is most important. As we have discussed above that the domain is the unique address of your website.

So it is important to register a domain, that will represent your brand name. Again in my case, HOSTING JOSH is my brand where I share useful website building tips and hosting guides. Now you can judge my moto easily by my domain name, as it contains the word “Hosting”.

However, here are some quick points to remember before buying the domain name.

  • You should buy a domain on your brand name.
  • Your domain name must be easy to understand and must be sound attractive.
  • Try to use letters only in your domain. Avoid using special characters and numbers in your domain. However, you can choose the name according to your brand.
  • The domain must represent the service or content that you are providing.
  • The length of the domain should between 6 to 15 characters.

Different TLDs

Have you observed that in my domain “hostingjosh.com“, it ends with the extension “.com“? This is what we called it TLDs.

what is domain and hosting

These extensions can be on the country code or of different famous words like:

  • .biz – For business website
  • .info – For Informative website
  • .tech – For technology website
  • .club – For meetups website
  • .edu – For educational website
  • .org – For organization website
  • .guru – For more creative websites

However, you are free to choose any domain extension.

While there are also hundreds of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs):

  • .us – United States
  • .uk – United Kingdom
  • .co – Colombia
  • .pk – Pakistan
  • .in – India
  • .ng – Nigeria
  • .ru – Russia

Why .com domains?

There are several reasons that you should use .com domains only for your website. Because the majority of people are aware of only .com domains, and they simply type .com after your brand name. As this extension is most popular, so it helps the people to remember your website address and also helps a lot in branding. And also sometimes search engines prefer .com domain over other TLDs.

So that’s why you should go with .COM domain for your business website.

What is mean by Web Hosting

Web Hosting is simply the servers (computers) that host your website.

domain vs hosting vs website

Same as your local computer. If you are a developer you probably know that when we start coding pages, it will store in our local drives. However, everybody can’t access these pages.

So if you want to make your website live to the people, then you need to buy hosting for your website.

Web hosting is nothing but only servers connected to the internet, that stores your web data.

Every web hosting companies have their own data centers where all the different files of different websites stored.

A data center could be a house, room, or big building owned by a hosting company where all the servers are installed, with the facilities of environment, connections, and Softwares that are essential to manage and control all the stuff.

Well, if you need to host your website, you can ask them to give some space on their servers.

Types of web hosting

There are many types of hosting, that totally depends on your business and needs.

Shared Hosting:

This is the cheapest web hosting among all the types and plans. Actually, in this hosting, you rent a server with hundreds and thousands of other website owners.

Shared hosting is the best choice if you are a small agency owner or newbie blogger or if you want to create service and portfolio websites.

However, buying shared hosting for the website that is generating thousands of daily visitors will be the worst idea.

Shared hosting normally starts from $0.99 to not more than $10 / month.

WordPress Hosting

More than 40% of the internet websites built on WordPress, so definitely there is a big chance that your blog also on WordPress too. WordPress hosting contains special features and access according to the needs of WordPress. So if you are a WordPress savvy like me, then you can go with it.

Well, the pricing is the same as shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Server is the hosting, which divides a server into virtual servers. It’s a perfect choice for you if you are driving a decent amount of visitors to your website and don’t have the budget for dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The best and worthy hosting for those business owners, who generate thousands of daily visitors. In this type of hosting, you rent a whole server from the hosting company and only your website stored on this server.

By the way, many people buy dedicated servers to start a small hosting company. They rent servers and create cheap and small packages so that by hosting hundreds of other small websites, they can earn a lot.

Cloud Hosting

This hosting is best for big traffic websites and blogs. Cloud hosting contains a group of servers to host your website. So that it can be easy to handle big traffic.

Domain vs hosting vs website!

We have discussed domain vs hosting, and I think now it is cleared to you.

SIMPLY! hosting is the home of your web files, where all your website data stored, while domain is your website’s home address, so that people can visit your website if they know it

If you want to create your website, you should first think about your brand name or company, search if the domain is available or not, grab the hosting. Once you have grabbed, start creating your website.

Upload your web files on your web hosting, after that point the domain to your host by updating the nameservers.

How much does it cost to buy a domain and hosting?
Typically, it will cost $1-$14.99 to buy a domain and hosting for $1-$5 /month. But thankfully, there are some companies which will give you free domains, if you will buy hosting from them. Keep reading this amazing domain vs hosting guide, I am sure your all doubts will be cleared.

Top Domain registrars

Domain registrars are the companies responsible for the registration of the domain. There are many domain registration companies, but the following are some recommended registrars given.

NAMECHEAP (RECOMMENDED): That is which I use personally to register my domains. They provide cheap domains with free domain privacy. The client area is simple and friendly. Also, their renewals price is budget-friendly, unlike Godaddy.

GODADDY: Domain registration with Godaddy will also a good idea. However, I don’t recommend this because of the high rates and renewals. No doubt their client area is very simple and easy to use with powerful customer support.

DOMAIN.COM: It is one of the best domain registrars. Domain.com provides domains in just $9.99 with free SSL and also other features like privacy, Email forwarding, and easy DNS management.

Top Hosting providers

There are thousands of hosting providers, but here some of the best and fastest hosting companies that you can grab for our online business website.


This is one of the best fastest and cheapest hostings of the online world. Starting with Siteground is a perfect idea if you want to host your website on the secure servers.

Siteground provides many features over other hosting providers and this is what makes them different.


One of my favorite hosting provider, that I use personally. If you want all the features of the siteground but don’t have enough money! then go with a2hosting. They offer a lot of features like free CDN, Site migration, Free SSL, monthly billing and anytime money-back guarantee.

I must recommend you to go with A2hosting and I am pretty sure that you will start loving their services and features.

READ THIS: Honest A2hosting review.


If you are looking for the best web hosting with a low budget, and need a performance like premium hosting! Hostpapa is the best choice for you.

If you want to save the money of domain, you can go with the company that provides free domain with their cheap hosting plans.


This awesome hosting company can’t be ignored. They provide amazing features with their cheap, reliable and fastest hosting plans for your dream website.



Dream hosting is also the fastest and cheapest web hosting company, that gives many features with their premium hosting plans.


Top FAQs related to Domain VS Hosting guide:

Now we have covered from the basic to advanced topics in this Domain Vs Hosting guide that are necessary to know the difference between domain and hosting and help to create your website today. WAIT! here we have also discussed some FAQs that may be still in your mind. 😊

What is web hosting and domain (In short)?

Your domain is the address so that anyone can visit, and hosting is like the home of your web files, where all your web data stored.

How much will it cost to buy Hosting and Domain?

It will cost maximum $15 for the domain and $70 for the hosting per year. And average of $8 for the domain and $50 for hosting.

What is the best Domain registrar and best hosting provider that I use personally?

Generally, I use A2hosting to host my website and Namecheap to register my domains.
Namecheap charge $8 for each domain and you can grab Hosting in between $2-$3/ month from A2hosting.com.
However, I also highly recommend you to go with Siteground OR Hostpapa if you don’t want to buy hosting from A2.

Can I move my website without changing the domain?

Now here, I love to inform you that… Hosting, Domain and Your Web files, these three are the different things that helps to put your business online to the world.
So if you want to change your full web layout, content, color, fonts, and etc. You can change with the help of your hosting Cpanel. Means that you can replace the person living in your home (web files) with any other.
Similarly, you can change your hosting provider without changing your domain and web files, once you have the other hosting you can migrate your files to the new one and also can point your domain to the new hosting by changing the DNS in the domain setting.

Can I move my domain to another registrar without loosing any web file?

Yes… You can do it easily, ask to your current registrar that I need to transfer my domain, once they leave your domain you can easily transfer it to another registrar in just few hours or minutes.
I have also transferred my domain from Godaddy to Namecheap in just 5 minutes.

Is this best to buy hosting with free domain?

Yes, you can!
As I have mentioned two best hosting companies GreenGeeks and DreamHost, that provides free domain with their cheap hosting plans. You can choose any one and can enjoy free domain.

How to connect domain with hosting?

Yes this is the biggest problem that many newbies face. But believe me it’s very easy.
If you will buy domain and hosting from the same company then you don’t need to connect them. That’s why many people go with companies that provide both.
However, many people don’t recommend this. However you can easily connect them. First of all you have to copy name servers from your hosting Cpanel, go to your domain setting and click to add and manage DNS. Add the namesrvers provided by your hosting company. And boom! You have successfuly connected your domain and hosting together.

It’s your turn now!

As we have covered A-Z things in this comprehensive Domain Vs Hosting guide. Now I think you don’t have to spend much more time! just do it now…

Let me know in the comments if you have any problem, I will surely love to help you. Share these words with your fellow mates so that it will motivate me to create more content for you!

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